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Through the powerful intelligent power terminal system, combined with wireless communication, including intelligent recloser and intelligent air circuit breaker ammeter in Internet of Things, transmit terminal power consumption data to the grid company,   which in charge of supervising customers' electricity consumption and managing bills.

Project Background

In Nigeria, at least 93 million people-more than 60% ,  do not have regular access to electricity, and grid-connected power generation can cause large power outages. Due to technical, financial, operational and regulatory problems, the power gap is as high as 175,000MW, traditional grid power supply is insufficient to meet Nigeria's per capita electricity demand.

Millions of homes are using their own generators, which is inefficient, and resulting in massive waste of resources and serious health and environmental threats. Some companies have also gone out of business for they can't afford expensive diesel generators.

Power losses in Nigeria's power generation sector total up to 50%, and transmission infrastructure shortages also lead to power losses in the transmission sector.

Customer Objectives

1. Improve the existing power transmission and distribution equipment, and estibilish basic power distribution facility, ensure the power transmission to distribution network terminal.

2. Terminal distribution equipment USES wireless communication, data transmission to the grid company server reliably.
3. The power distribution terminal and the equipment at the door of the power grid carry out the remote prepaid function, so that realize arrearage be switch off and the fees be switch on; realize terminal data acquisition, line protection warning/alarm, remote monitoring.
4. Terminal power distribution equipment has the function of inverting active power and reactive power, which facilitates the access of distributed new energy.

Scope of supply

>MT61GPS-63-G2、MT61GPT-63-G2   Intelligent air circuit breaker ammeter in Internet of Things
>MT51RS-2P-63、MT51RS-4P-63   Intelligent Recloser
>M5EL-4P-125、M5EL-4P-250   Intelligent molded case meters in Internet of Things
>MT-88   Communication gateway


Nigeria's power distribution management and power consumption supervision system of the distribution terminal has been operating normally and passed the final acceptance of the user, which received the praise of the local government and enterprises.


Intelligent power consumption supervision and power management platform, combine with perfect power distribution system and supervisory control system, using mobile internet, communication, artificial intelligence technology, man-machine interactive technology, which can realize the functions of power line management, intelligent analysis, electricity safety and electricity data (meter, running) monitoring.

1. Realize prepaid management, through user registration, remote sale and distribute power, remote control management.

2. Load analysis management can achieve data analysis, judgment, warn line fault for each device. And set device protection parameters according to actual operation.

3. Record power failure events. The system monitors real-time temperature, current, voltage, power, phase imbalance, and other power parameters through the cloud platform to obtain parameters for each power failure.

4. Implement remote management of equipment, perform intelligent analysis based on big data, and quickly handle field failures. Implement remote management of equipment, perform intelligent analysis based on big data, and quickly handle field failures. (Such as: identify faults and make comments)

Evaluation from users


Comments from the principal of the electricity company:

Delighted to cooperate with Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd. closely. The teminal of power distribution is a very urgent matter to be solved in Nigeria. Traditional power distribution (carrier communication) is not applicable to the current power distribution conditions. Shanghai Matis Electric Co.,Ltd. adopt smart metering protection device including circuit breaker + metering + communication method, which is easy to install.The communication uses GPRS to collect, analyze, and judge the data of the power circuit. When the circuit failure, propose recommendations to quickly address on-site issues supportted with a large data. Protection: the electrical fault of the charging pile,including short circuit, overload, electric leakage, phase loss, phase imbalance, zero-crossing, overheat, realize remote early warning/alarm, and frozen the data on the power at the time of the event for data analysis. Metering: Realize remote prepaid and data online monitoring, and the system classifies the user's electricity consumption data in the form of reports.

Matismart dares to innovate in the terminal intelligent hardware for the market, and truly realizes the intelligent hardware service power system

—— From the principal of the base station

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