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Project Background

With the development in society, economy, science and technology in recent years, people's living, working and production standards have greatly improved. The normal supply of electricity is related to all aspects of people's life and work. The electricity distribution rooms in hospitals, factories, schools and commercial sectors play a vital role in the distribution of electricity. However, manual monitoring not only wastes manpower but also fails to achieve satisfying results, and there may be cases of negligence. As a result, electricity monitoring arises under this circumstance. Considering the scattered distribution of actual electricity consumption and the reliability and real-time of networking, GPRS monitoring is the most appropriate method.

In terms of metering and charging, GPRS air switch meter terminal equipment of smart internet of things is used to effectively close the switch after receiving system payment, to start tripping operations when electricity failure needs to be rearranged and reported. This can conveniently and quickly address the electricity consumption of the terminal in places where power network is less developed or power carrier communication cannot be conveniently used.


The system can be employed in the remote monitoring and management of electricity distribution rooms in factories, schools, hospitals and communities


The overview of metering functions:

1. Payment management

 Electricity meter prepayment and later payment are optional: a management mode of paying first and then using electricity or using electricity first and then paying can be set.


2. Remote on-off

Real-time control of power failure and power supply is provided for each user.


3. Remote purchase of electricity

Data is transferred to the individual account through the network after the management center receives payment.


4. Remote refund

If the purchased electricity is not used up, the rest will be withdrawn through the network and automatically converted into cash and returned to the user's account.


5. Arrearage inquiry and SMS notification

The balance can be set. The meter with insufficient balance can be queried and a short message can be sent to inform the customer. A temporary hop instruction also can be sent to the meter to remind the user of the insufficient balance.


6. Online detection of data

On-line system operation monitoring and control: on-line data collection, analysis and management of electricity amount; online energy consumption monitoring and energy efficiency management.


7. Classified inquiry

The system provides classified inquiry of electricity purchase data, power failure information, electricity consumption data and various parameters to generate reports.


8. Remote reading and receiving

Data is transmitted to the meter through the network after the management center approves the charging fee.

The function of electricity distribution 

1. Master the operation status of system in real time:

The traditional electricity distribution system requires electricians to patrol and manually record the operation status of the system and relevant data. The smart electricity distribution system automatically collects data from the equipment terminal and uploads it to the cloud server, and then the system background analyzes, judges and processes the data to master the system operation status in real time. The traditional electricity distribution system cannot achieve such high efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and reliability.


2. Parameter optimization analysis:

During the operation of the equipment, parameter setting and adjustment will be made according to the operation status under actual load, so as to meet the actual operation requirements of the system and to protect the equipment lines more accurately. For example, the smart electricity distribution system will judge whether the current breaker setting value is appropriate or not according to the electric current demand of each circuit and provide a recommended value.


3. Fault warning:

Accurate data collection can provide early warning of faults to protect lines and avoid accidents. The system analyzes and recognizes possible faults based on large data, and gives early warning to maintenance personnel for investigation and maintenance so as to ensure reliable and continuous operations of the system and lower fault rates. However, the traditional electricity distribution system can only rely on electrician's experience and sense of responsibility to make judgment, and the accuracy and omission rate cannot be compared with the smart electricity distribution system.


4. Fault analysis and treatment:

Once a fault occurs, the huge system with the support of big data (including data of other projects) will diagnose and deal with the system fault and give accurate advice, so as to quickly address the problem, eliminate the fault and restore power supply.


5. Energy use and consumption management:

No matter the unit's internal cost accounting or the rental of some real estate, it is also an indispensable function of green buildings that energy use and consumption management change the rough management into fine management, which can be easily achieved by the smart electricity distribution.


6. Analysis report export:

Comparison of energy consumption in different categories and sub-items, generation and display of energy consumption indicators: energy consumption diagnosis uses charts to show abnormal energy consumption, results of energy consumption diagnosis and energy saving diagnosis. statements and reports are generated based on the energy consumption. Statistical statements and reports of energy consumption in different categories and sub-areas and report customization services are provided.

Managers can properly distribute energy with intuitive charts and data analysis.

Required Equipment

> MT61GPS-63-G2, MT61GPT-63-G2 Air switch electricity meter of smart internet of things

> MT51RS-2P-63, MT51RS-4P-63 smart reclosure

> M5EL-4P-125, M5EL-4P-250 Meter with plastic case of smart internet of things

> MT-88 Communication gateway


Smart electricity consumption monitoring and management platform

 Improve monitoring and control of electricity distribution and consumption system; employ mobile interconnection, communication, artificial intelligence technology and human-computer interaction to realize the functions of power line management, intelligent analysis, electrical safety, electricity consumption data (measurement, operation) monitoring  in the project.
Electrical safety: the mobile phone terminal can monitor the operation status of the equipment and the full-featured electrical protection at any time, and can set the line protection parameter values and early warnings.

1. Remote control: the terminal equipment can be remotely controlled by switch-on and switch-off operation, and can be switched off and locked up in the case of arrearage.

2. Energy consumption analysis and inquiry: users and administrators can analyze and compare the data of equipment operation to reasonably manage the load side electricity consumption.

3. Quick configuration, out-of-the-box feature: electricity meter and user information input system can be used at once.

4. Remote centralized meter reading: timing remote meter reading.

5. Support for separate pricing, multi-rate and step pricing: electricity price, rate and step pricing can be set separately for each equipment.

6. Mobile phone notification: In the case of insufficient, arrearage and others, the owner will be notified with a three-level early warning.

7. Remote electricity selling: centralized financial management and real-time distribution of electricity.

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