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Project Background 

The charging pile for electric vehicles is the basic charging facility for new energy vehicles. Under the background that our country encourages the energy transformation, the number of electric vehicles has already exceeded that of charging piles. It is difficult for owners of new energy vehicles to charge. As the most important link and basic guarantee in the industrial chain for the promotion of electric vehicles, the construction of charging piles is seriously lagging behind. In order to ensure the safe use of electricity for the charging pile, selecting an effective power distribution scheme can not only ensure the electricity safety, but also enable users to have real-time control over the daily electricity consumption of charging piles.



The small air switch meter of smart internet of things is used to link with the platform through RS485 and GPRS communication interfaces, so as to realize remote monitoring, diagnosis, rate management and wireless upgrading of software. The remote smart circuit breaker with integrated circuit protection is equipped with super-strong protection against short circuit, overload, emergency stop, overvoltage, undervoltage, etc. The operation status, faults, quantity of electricity charged and charging time of equipment can be monitored in real time.

The accuracy of electricity metering is 1.0 grade. Multi-rate setting as required and multiple charging modes (electricity, amount and time) are provided.


Products Required 

>MT61GPS-63-G2、MT61GPT-63-G2   AIOT Energy meter with Breaker



1. Shopping malls, residential areas and others under property management;

2. Schools, hospitals and other public buildings

3. All kinds of enterprises and institutions;

4. Public transportation hubs and charging stations on the road



Charging service

Search of charging facilities, charging equipment checking, map addressing, online payment and charging, charging settlement.

Transaction settlement

Charging price management, prepayment management, bill management, revenue and financial statement.

Charging pile management

Monitoring of charging pile operation and on-line monitoring of anomalies and faults of charging piles.

User management

Registration and management of users.

WeChat applet

Sweep the code to charge and pay the bill.

Data service

Data collection and analysis and processing advice provided.

Power grid monitoring

Monitoring of charging pile data to provide reference data for overall dispatching of power grid.

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