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The introduction of Electrical Safety supervision and Power Management of Tower Base

Base Station power supply reliability is of vital importance to the whole base station operation. Intrruption of power supply will directly affect user experience and even cause economic losses in severe cases. 


Secondly, electricity safety and power consumption are also very important parts of base stion electricity consumption.

Questions for Power Consumption and Electrical Safety Supervision of Tower Base


Question 1: The line fault causes the trip of breaker, can traditional breaker restart? and be controlled remotely?


Question 2:  Can we predict the electrical fault ?


Question 3:  Can we know what cause the electrical fault when it happens?


Question 4:  Can we set the electrical parameter in the traditional system?


Question 5:  Can we monitor the real-time electrical parameter remotely in computer?


Question 6:  Is there an incoming power problem? Mobile the oil electromechanical source. At present, there are two schemes of base station, the first is mechanical locking, which can not realize the function of remote automatic switching. The second is contractor and electrical interlock, which can realize the automatic access of the oil machine to the power outage of the grid. However, the conactor's electrical life and lack of electrical protection (short circuit) can not fully meet the current power supply scheme

The current sitation of Energy consumption for Tower Base

Energy efficency doesn't beat bit growth

With the progress of technology, network energy efficiency is improving constantly. According to Ericsson 2015, network data traffic in the the 4G era has increased by 13 times, but the overall energy consumption of the network has only increased by 40%. Unfortunately, big is growing faster than energy efficiency, leading to rising total power consumption.


Expensive electricity Bills

According to statistics, electricity bills according for 15% to 30% of operators' operating expenses. In mobile networks, 80% of electricity costs come from widespead base stations. Today, rates are getting cheaper, but energy costs such as electricity, are getting higher. Meanwhile, energy effiency has increased 100-fold every decade, thanks to Moore's law, over the past few decades. But that pace is slowing and operators are bound to pay more and more attention to electricity bills in the face of surging traffic demand in the future


Large waste of energy

In our mobile market, 30% of the base stations carry 80% of the network traffic and the remaining 70% of the base stations only carry 20% of the network traffic. However, these 70% of " free base stations" still consume a lots of power, for example, even if there are idle. then must continuousely transmit system broadcast signals. In addition to the unevendistribution of traffic geographically, the same is true at different times of the day. The network is very crowded during peak hoursandvery low during idle times (such as late at night), which reduces the overall energy efficiency of the network. In addition, the 2/3/4/5g system co-exists, and the high energy consumption of old equipment and the high energy consumption of old equipment and technology will also lower the overall energy effiency of the network.

5G Base Station Energy Consumption

New Challenge
What are the challenges of 5G energy consumption? How to respond?

451 research predicts that by 2026, 5G may increase network energy consumption by 150% to 170%, with the largest increase being in macro base stations and data centers.

Base station power consumption is divided into three types: transmission power consumption, calculation power consumption and additional power consumption

For the traditional 2G 3G 4G base station, since the computing power of the base station is small, the transmission power consumption is usually greater than the calculation power consumption, that is, the power consumption of the BBU is smaller than the power consumption of the PA and the RF part. Therefore, the method for improving the energy efficiency of the conventional base station mainly focuses on reducing the transmission power consumption. For example, we turn off part of the carrier frequency and RF part at idle time to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.


5G Key 1: Massive MIMO itself reduces transmission power at the expense of higher computational cost;

5G key 2: Small base station coverage is small, PA is lower, which means lower transmission power consumption.


As the 5G transmission rate will be doubled, the 5G base station will process massive data, and as the 5G service continues to develop, the computing power consumption of the 5G BBU will gradually increase. The era of 5G will bring higher energy consumption costs. What should be done to save energy and reduce consumption?


Solutions proposed

Automatic monitoring, more reliable operation

  • Automatic reclosing and remote control enable the equipment to recover quickly from power failure.
  • Real-time monitoring of circuit breaker setting parameters to ensure the circuit breaker first time action, fault first time interval, ensure the safe operation of the operating line.
  • All-electric parameter data collection provides power event analysis, intelligent alarm and diagram, event timeline analysis, and understanding of the causes of electrical system events. Big data accumulation is used to establish data models and identify power event models to avoid or reduce the probability of similar events in the future.
  • According to the long-term equipment operation data, the setting value of protection is adjusted to meet the actual operation parameters of the equipment and more precise protection equipment line.

Automatic supervision, saving operation and maintenance costs

  • Remote monitoring line current, voltage, power, temperature, break zero, lack of equal, according to the protection value set by the system for real-time monitoring. Graphical event axis analysis makes it easy to analyze the sequence, location, and potential impact of events and alarms. Real-time monitoring of circuit breaker setting parameters to ensure the first time the circuit breaker ACTS and the first time the fault interval is separated to ensure the safe operation of the operation line.
  • For the base station dual power circuit, the mains and oil machine incoming circuit breaker can not only achieve remote control, when the mains power outage, the program can be remotely locked mains switch. The signal to the oil machine, the oil machine circuit breaker monitors the start of the oil machine, and the voltage and other parameters are normal. The oil machine circuit breaker will be started to supply power to the equipment.  Remote electrical interlock, device safety lock is set locally for circuit breaker, and power switch is done locally to prevent operation and maintenance personnel from misoperation.。
Optimize energy efficiency and intelligent energy management
  • Identify power consumption, optimize management, and reduce energy costs
  • Diverse electrical equipment, in the electrical system, there is a large number of reactive power, in which power factor is low and increase the power loss of power lines. Therefore, in the process of monitoring and management, reactive power loss can be reduced by paying attention to power factor through real-time query of power factor, analysis of reports and other functions.
  • Through energy consumption tracking, load management optimization, energy efficiency optimization, users can check real-time electricity consumption through electricity distribution monitoring and management system, reasonably arrange the operation mode of equipment, monitor the change of electricity load at any time, and cut off some power amplifiers, MIMO channels and carriers to save energy consumption when the residential load is low. But if rely on manual judgment, operation, not only workload, but also worry about the impact on the business. Using 5G+AI, network intelligence and system-level energy management technology, machine learning algorithm is used to train historical data, find out rules and models, and make real-time business prediction for the residential area. Then, according to the load state of the community, intelligent micro-break automatically closes or opens the carrier, Massive MIMO power amplifier, RF channel, etc., and simultaneously monitors the network performance indicators in real time to ensure the realization of automatic energy consumption management without affecting the network performance.
Application in new energy: PV+ Telecom Tower Base
  • For the high cost of electricity and the high cost of operation and maintenance caused by the power failure of the city, it is a new solution to solve the problem from the perspective of incoming energy. Intelligent micro break, can do energy comparison and automatic switch in power + photovoltaic + storage battery + oil machine.
  • The photovoltaic power generation system can reduce the power consumption of the base station, solve the emergency power supply when the communication base station is cut off, improve the reliability of the communication system, and reduce the frequency of operation and maintenance personnel coming to the station for maintenance. Adding the photovoltaic system to the original energy storage system can reduce the energy storage consumption of the communication base station, extend the service life of the battery, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the base station.
  • Grid, photovoltaic, diesel power generation and UPS complex power supply coexist in the mobile base station to ensure the reliability of the all-day power operation network. For the base station or data center, the loss caused by unplanned power failure is unimaginable. MT61GP has comprehensive power data collection, which can be used by the operator for power data analysis and equipment line inspection and repair in advance. Secondly, power supply can be restored quickly and safely after the occurrence of power events to improve the power reliability of base stations and data centers. The power consumption of the base station data center is very large. Under the three-level power system mode of municipal power, energy storage power and photovoltaic power, it is wise to use photovoltaic power generation preferentially under the premise of optimizing energy allocation and ensuring reliable operation. In addition to the base station complex electricity management needs to be artificial statistics. MT61GP as a professional metering safety equipment, can do fine metering management of electricity system. In terms of equipment control, cooperate with operation and reasonable control to save less energy loss.


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