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Electrical Fire Alarm System

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Project Background

At present, buildings such as high-rise apartments, hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, industrial and mining enterprises can only conduct on-site detection of residual current for terminal electricity consumption and start the line alarm when power is cut off, but cannot restore the line power. Secondly, the linkage of the fire-fighting fan and the smoke exhaust fan is realized through contactors traditionally but with low reliability. And in such case, fire-fighting equipment is seldom used and maintained, and is easy to refuse to operate during shutdown. We adopt a more stable smart circuit breaker, which can remotely realize switching on and off, and monitor the state of the switch, so that the equipment can operate reliably in the course of fire-fighting operation.



(1)Office buildings (office buildings of commercial sectors and state organs, etc.);

(2)Commercial buildings (shopping malls, financial institution buildings, etc.);

(3)Tourist buildings (hotels, restaurants, places of entertainment, etc.);

 (4)Buildings for scientific, educational, cultural and medical undertakings (buildings served for culture, education, scientific research, medical and health care, sports, etc.);

(5)Communications buildings (posts and telecommunications,communications, radio, television, data centers, etc.);

(6)Transportation buildings (airports, stations, dock buildings, etc.).


Products Required


Smart reclosure     


>MT61SR-2P-63、MT61SR-4P-63 Smart reclosure



Electricity meter withplastic case of smart internet of things


>MT-88  Communication


The introduction of practical usage

The traditional fire protection is disconnected and started  forcedly by controlling the contactor module. There are such disadvantages as power loss, loud noise when the armature has dirt, and the burning contact cannot be released due to the large load current. If the fault contactor controlling lines cannot be sucked in the actual use process, the reliability of the actual fire-fighting application is not high without such manual closing function.

Intelligent control circuit breaker, with high breaking feature and simple control mode, can realize remote control and monitoring of the state of key fire-fighting equipment, and respond reliably when certain fire-fighting signals occur.

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