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Remote Control


Device can be be controlled manually, by software or SCADA system.


Matis device can be controlled by breaker handle, pushbutton locally and by App, Software or SCADA system. The device can be controlled according to different work scenarios and applications and there are many different controls as follows:

Remote control: The device can be switched on or off remotely by APP, software platform or SCADA system by user according to their actual request.


Remote Lock: The device can be locked remotely if the owner doesn’t want anybody to switch on the device. For example, the device can be locked and nobody can use it if the user doesn’t pay the energy bill.


Local Lock:The device can be locked locally for electrical technician to make maintenance safely on site.  


Scheduled control:  This is same function like timer, the user can schedule when the device will be switched on or be switched off in APP, software platform or SCADA system


Auto recloser: The device can be configured in the configuration software to have restarter function or not. It means the device automatic reclosure for untimely tripping.



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