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Electrical Safety Supervision

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Electrical Safety Supervision


Improve the safety, stability and reliability of electrical system


Matis Device can monitor all the electrical parameters of each breaker like current, voltage, residual current, power, Frequency, Power Factor and temperature. Continuous monitoring of electrical parameters of each breaker makes it possible to detect the early electrical faults and make pre-alarm before any unforeseen event. The pre-alarm information will be pushed in the APP of electrical technician who is responsible and software platform, then the electrical technician will go to the exact site to solve possible fault to reduce most of trip and avoid electrical accident. In case of any fault happens, the alarm will be pushed in APP and software platform as well, then the user knows what happen and take corresponding measures. The system will monitor the position of each device, when pre-alarm and alarm happened, the user know which line have problem and where it is.  It improves the safety, stability and reliability of electrical system.Electrical Safety Supervision.


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