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Multi-Channel Meter


1. Real-time monitoring
2. Energy Metering
3. Alarm
4. Communication: RS485
5. Protocol: Modbus RTU



1. Real-time monitoring
Voltage( DC48V, Single phase or three phase), Current, Active Power, ReactivePower,Apparent Power, Power Factor, Frequency

2. Energy Metering
Active energy ,Reactive energy

3. Alarm
Under voltage alarm, over voltage alarm, over current alarm, Sensor fault alarm

4. Communication

5. Protocol
Modbus RTU


1. Ultra-compact Design
Consist of mulit-channel meter device and Current Sensor (Solid sensor or opensensor for option) and be connected by PLbus with connector RJ12

2. Rated Voltage
AC 220V and DC48V

3. High Metering Accuracy
Voltage & Current class 0.5 Active energy : class 1.0

4. Wide Measurement Range
Support max.63A for Ac type and 125A for DC 48V

5. Multi-Channels
Support 30 single phase circuitand 10 three phase circuit for AC system measuring; Support 18 circuit for DC 48v svstem measuring

6.Multi-network type
1 phse 2 wires, 2 phase 3 wires, 3phase 4 wires and DC system

7. Communication
1 RS485

Technical Specification
Model Code MT58MA MT58MD
Electrical Paratemeter Standards : IEC 61010-1 IEC 61010-1
Rated voltage 3X220V/380V, Single phase two wires/ three phase four wires DC 48V
Voltage range 40%-150% Ue -38V--58V
Rated input current

5(63)A for salid core sensor MT58SA-S

10(50)A for open core sensor MT5BSA-O

DC10(125)ADC5 (63)A
Frequency 45-65Hz 45-65Hz
Meter and Measurement accuracy Valtage Accuracy:0.5%(Range: 40%-120%) Accuracy:0.5%(Range :-38V- -58V)
Current Accuracy:0.5%(Range: 1%-120%) Accuracy: 0.5% ( Range : 1-6ЗA)
Power factor Accuracy: 1% ( Range: 0-1) Accuracy: 1% ( Range: 0-1)
Active Energy

Accuracy: 1%( Range: 0-99999999.9) for MT58SA-S

Accuracy: 2%( Range: 0-99999999.9) for MT58SA-O

Accuracy: 1%( Range: 0-99999999.9) for MT58SD
Reactive energy Accuracy: 2%( Range: 0-99999999.9) Accuracy: 2%( Range: 0-99999999.9)
Power Range

0-14kW/kvar/KVA (Branch)

0-42kW/kvar/KVA (Main)

0- +/- 5kW
Active Power

Accuracy: 1% for MT58SA-S

Accuracy: 2% for MT58SA-O

Accuracy: 1%
Reactive Power Accuracy:2% Accuracy:2%
Apparent Power Accuracy:2% Accuracy:2%
Other Features Connection Capacity max, 30 loads of single phase or max 10 loads of three phase Max. 12 DC loads
Power Consumption <=5W /10VA <= 6W
Degree of protection 1P20
Communication & Software Connection between Meter control unit and Collection sensors PLbus with connector Rj12
Interface 1XRS485
Band Rate 4800, 9600,19200
Protocol ModbuS RTU
Software Comnect to Matis software through communication module MT88C or connect the third part softwarethroueh RS485 and Gateway
Insulation Feasures Power frequency withstand voltage 2000VAC
Insulation Resistance >=100MΩ
Rated impulse withstand voltage 6000V
Accessory RJ12 Cable 6cm, 30cm
Total Length of PLbus <=300cm
Installation   35mm DIN Rail
Ambient temperature Working temperature -20℃-+55 ℃
Working temperature limit -25℃-+75℃
Storage temperature -30℃-+80℃
Humidity <= 95%
Dimensions   110x45x62mm


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