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Battery Monitoring System


MT99BT Battery Monitoring Module
1. Monitor battery string voltage, charge, and discharge current
2. Calculate the battery string SOC.
3. Auto-Balancing
4. Auto-sensing for the Battery Sensor's ID Address
5. Setpoint Alarm (Upper Limit and Lower Limit)
6. Data Collection
7. Data Uploading Function via Build-in RS485 (Modbus-RTU) and Ethernet (Modbus-TCP or SNMP)
8.Check Battery String Stat


Technology Parameter

Application DC Power system (Telecome)
Rated Iput Voltage 24VDC or 48VDC, Range: 20V-60VDC
Measuring Voltage 0-800V (Accuracy:±0.5%)
Measuring Current -1000A - +1000AV (by Hall Sensor,Accuracy:±2.0%)
Power Consumption <2W
Up-link Communication 1 Ethernet port(10/100M),Modbus-TCP /SNMP protocal
1 RS485 port, Modbus-RTU protocal,Baudrate:9600bps,19200bps,38400bps
Down-link Communication 2RJ11 ports, each port connect Max.60pcs batterirs, total Max.120pcs batteries
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