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Smart WiFi Breaker


MT53RW smart WiFi circuit breaker and timer by Tuya APP, which can be compatible with most circuit breakers on the market, such as Schneider iC65, Chint NB1, Liangxin NDB2, etc.


MT53RW WiFi Remote Control Device Functions


1. The circuit breaker can be opened and closed remotely, and it can be equipped with residual current action protection devices or other electrical devices


2. Reset tripped circuit breakers in compliance with current safety regulations


3. Local control of the circuit breaker is available with the help of a handle


4. Safe operation on site is ensured by padlocking the device


Application Scenarios


Electricity protection and sustainable power consumption


Electrified railway station power supply, transportation power distribution system, and highway electromechanical system


Intelligent mining, factory power consumption, and base station


Environmental monitoring station, remote irrigation, smart greenhouse


Electrical Characteristics

Standard EN50557
Power Distribution System TT-TN-S
Rated Voltage(Ue) (V) 230AC(1)
Minimum Voltage(minimum UE) (V) 85% Ue
Maximum Voltage(maximum UE) (V) 110% Ue
Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui) (V) 500
Inter-polar Dielectric Strength Test Voltage (V) 2500V AC for 1 minute
Rated Impulse WithstandVoltage(Uimp) (kV) 4
Overvoltage Type III
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50
Leakage Making/Breaking Capability(IΔm) (A) IΔm of related circuit breakers
Rated Condition Residual Short Circuit Current(IΔc) (A) IΔc of related circuit breakers
MCB Type 1P-2P-3P-4P
Rated Current(In) (A) 25-40-63-80-100
Rated Residual Operating Current(IΔn) (mA) 30-100-300-500
Rated Non-operating Resistance Between the Live Part and Ground(Rdo) (kΩ) 8(30mA)-2,5(100/300/500mA)
Rated Operating Resistance Between the Live Part and Ground(Rd) (kΩ) 16(30mA)-5(100/300/500mA)
In Power Loss (W) Power loss of related circuit breakers
Static Power (VA) 1
Remote Control Time Power (VA) 20

Mechanical Characteristics

Width in the DIN Module 10-60-300
Reclosing Time (s) 1
Maximum Operating Frequency (oper./h) 30
Maximum Mechanical Durability (Total Number of Operations) 10000
Maximum Number of Continuous Auto-reclosings 3
Counter Reset Time Number Continuous Auto-reclosings (s) 60
Circuit Breaker Terminal Section (mm2) Soft wire: ≤1x35-≤ 2x16-≤ 1x16+2x10
Circuit Breaker Rated Tightening Torque (Nm) 3(IDP)-2(IDPNA)
Installation Location any
Protection Grade IP20 (outside the cabinet) - IP40 (inside the cabinet)

Environmental Characteristics

Pollution Levels 2
Operating Temperature (°C) -25 + 60
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 + 70
Relative Humidity 55°C - RH 95%
Working Voltage 5V-230V AC/DC
Working Current 0.6A (min) -1 (max)
Working Frequency 50Hz
Use Category 5V-230V AC/DC
Operating Mode 0.6A (min) -1 (max)
Wiring Capability 50Hz
Rated Tightening Torque AC12

Communication Parameters

Baud Rate 9600 by default (can be set)
Check Bit No check
Data Bit 8
Stop Bit 1
Device Address Factory default address: 1

Working Status Indicator

Green Light On Close
Green Light Flash Slowly WLAN transmits data normally (in WiFi distribution mode)
Red Light on Open
Red Light Flash Slowly Abnormal WLAN connection (in WiFi distribution mode)
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