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B-type RCCB is designed according to standard IEC/EN61008-1 + IEC/EN62423. The ML60-B RCCB type B can detect high-frequency AC and smooth DC earth residual currents. It's also named "universal current sensitive RCCB", which means could be used for the widest variety of applications like variable speed drives, PV systems, and EV charging stations and is always designed for use under harsh ambient.




Could detect not only normal AC but also high-frequency AC and smooth DC residual currents


High breaking capacity up to 10kA


With handle lock control systems to protect from error operation


With a protective cover for terminal screws for insulation and seal functions


Auto Recloser is available to work with B-type RCCB


Technical Data

Standard IEC/EN 61008-1 & IEC/EN62423
Poles 2P, 4P
Tripping Instantaneous
Rated Current (A) 25, 32, 40, 63
Rated Residual Operating Current 30, 100, 300mA
Wave Form B type
Rated Insulation Voltage Ui 500
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp 4000V
Rated Short Circuit Strenght lm 500(n=25/40A); 600(ln=63A)
Electro-mechanical Endurance =4,0000 operating cycles


Frame Size 45mm
Device Height 72mm
Device Width 54mm(2P) / 72mm(4P)
Mounting Quick fasterning on DIN rail IEC/EN 60715
Degree of Protection IP20
Upper and Lower Terminals Open mouthed / lift terminals
Terminal Protection Finger and hand touch safe
Terminal Capacity Rigid conductor up to 25㎡
Busbar Specification 0.8-2mm
Terminal Fastening Torque 2.0N.m
Tripping Temperature -25°C + 40°C
Resistance to Climatic Conditions IEC/EN61008-1 + IEC62423
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