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Auto Recloser


MT53 auto reclosers are designed to automatically restart the associated protective device after it has an untimely trip. It is a compact type with 18mm. The time sequence and reclosing program are fixed in the device. Dry contact , RS485, DC24V, 48V,60V are for options. MT53 can be in conjunction with MCB, RCCB, and RCBO from Chint, Nader, Schneider, etc.




Remote reclosing of MCB MM50H, RCBO MR50-32, RCBO50-40, RCCB ML50H


Remote control of MCB, RCBO, and RCCB through PLC or platform with RS485 connection


Remote control of MCB, RCBO, and RCCB through dry contact connection


Reclose itself if there is no faulty, and it may output the signal to remote terminals if it is faulty


Padlocking to secure the circuit and assure the safety of people when maintenance


Together with MCB, RCBO, and RCCB, it may offer overload, short circuit, and earth leakage protection


Local control via the handle


Compact module with 18mm only


With remote auxiliary contact NO & NC


Electrical Features

Item Code MT53NA/MT53RA
Rated Voltage Ue (Vac) 230
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power Consumption (VA) <1.5
Standby Power -
Insulation Voltage Ui (Vac) 4000V/min
Trip Time (s) <=1.5
Trips (Times) 3
Time Delay (s) 10, 60, 300
Reclosing Time (s) <=3
Reset System (ISPDT) Rated Current 5A (250VAC) resistant load
Pollution Degree 2

Mechnical Features

Width (mm) 18
Electrical Life (times) 10000
Mechanical Life (times) 20000
Protection Degree IP20
Reference Temperature for Setting of Thermal Elecment (℃) 30
Ambient Temperature (℃) -25---+55
Storage Temperature (℃) -40---+70


Humidity (℃) 95%
Terminal Connection Type Cable
Terminal Size Top/Bottom for Cable (mm2) 1x25.2x25
Tightening Torque (N*m) 4
Mounting On Din rail En60715(35mm) by means of fast clip device
Connection From top to bottom

Communication Port

Remote auxiliary contacts NO & NC

Compatiable Device

MCB,RCCB,RCBO from Matismart, Chint, Nader and Schneider. Customized.
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