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The Importance of Auto Reclosers in Ensuring Reliable Power Supply for Telecom Towers

2023/04/27 丨Technical

With the rapid development of Internet applications, telecommunication towers play a key role in ensuring seamless communication and data transmission. Faced with growing demand for faster, more reliable connections, it is imperative to maintain a steady, uninterrupted supply of power for these telecom towers to operate efficiently. One of the key technologies used to ensure this is the application of automatic reclosers.


Telecom Tower Power Requirements


Telecommunications towers, also known as cellular towers or mobile towers. Used to house the antennas, transmitters, and other telecommunications equipment needed for wireless communications. It is also the critical infrastructure that provides essential services such as cell phone service, Internet access, and television broadcasting. These telecom towers require a constant and steady supply of power to maintain uninterrupted service. Power outages, voltage fluctuations, and other disruptions can lead to reduced service quality, dropped calls, and even complete network failures.


To maintain a reliable supply of electricity, telecom towers are often connected to the grid and often have backup power sources such as batteries, diesel generators, or renewable energy systems. However, even with these backup systems in place, power outages due to various reasons such as natural disasters, equipment failure, and human error can cause significant disruptions to telecommunications networks. To ensure uninterrupted power supply to telecom towers, automatic reclosers play a vital role. The auto recloser is an intelligent device installed on the power line to protect the cable line from faults and automatically restore the power supply. A circuit breaker automatically recloses the circuit after a fault has been removed, restoring power to downstream equipment.


Why Need Auto Reclosers


In the past, when a circuit breaker tripped, a technician was required to manually reset the breaker and restore power to the telecom tower. This may take several hours, during which time the tower will be powered off. An automatic recloser is a circuit breaker that automatically shuts off to re-establish power. It operates based on an internal programmable control mechanism. Auto-reclosers work by detecting a fault condition in the grid, such as an overcurrent or short circuit, and interrupting the flow of electricity. Once the fault is cleared, the auto-recloser automatically re-establishes the connection, restoring power to the affected circuit. They can help reduce the number of outages and telecommunications tower downtime. This helps to improve the quality of service provided by telecom towers and also helps to reduce the cost of operating these towers.


Automatic reclosers are especially important for telecom towers in remote or rural areas, where power outages are more common and take longer to repair. The auto-reclosing feature ensures that most temporary failures and interruptions do not affect the power supply to the telecommunications tower. This minimizes downtime and ensures continuous coverage and connectivity.


Benefits of Auto Reclosers for Telecom Tower Power Supply


Auto reclosers are critical to ensuring consistent and reliable power to telecom towers for several reasons:


Faster Restoration of Power Supply: Automatic reclosers can quickly detect and isolate these faults. Once a fault is detected, the device automatically opens and closes the circuit breaker to clear the fault and restore power. This minimizes downtime and ensures an uninterrupted power supply to telecom towers.


Reduced Maintenance Costs: By automatically restoring power after a temporary failure, reclosers help prevent temporary failures from escalating into permanent failures. This reduces the need for regular maintenance checks and lowers maintenance costs for telecommunications tower operators.


Increased Efficiency of Backup Power Systems: In the event of a power outage, telecommunications towers rely on backup power to keep them running. Automatic reclosers are equipped with advanced protection and control features to ensure optimum power quality for telecommunications tower equipment. Thereby extending its service life and reducing operating costs related to fuel and maintenance.


Improve Network Reliability: Automatic reclosers help maintain a steady supply of power to telecom towers, reducing service interruptions and overall improving network reliability. This is especially important in densely populated areas, where even a brief outage can have a significant impact on connectivity and data transfer.


Enhanced Safety: The auto recloser is designed for safe operation and automatically isolates faulty power lines. This reduces the risk of electrical hazards for telecom tower operators and maintenance personnel.


Matismart Auto Reclosers for Telecommunications Towers


Matismart Auto Recloser is a circuit breaker that automatically restores power to a circuit after detecting and interrupting a temporary fault. The MT61-GP is an auto recloser with IoT functionality. Based on the MT61-GP IoT auto recloser, we have integrated an intelligent energy management platform with remote control of each device and its sub-devices, pre-alarm, alarm for all electrical faults, data export, etc. Another type of MT51 automatic recloser is designed to automatically restart the associated protection device after an untimely trip. We also have other types of automatic reclosers to maintain the power supply to telecom towers, such as MTM5-EL Self-Reclosing RCCB is an integrated system of smart meters, circuit breakers, and communications. This RCCB device enables real-time analysis of electrical faults for display and device lockout. Another MT3EL smart metering molded case circuit breaker not only provides indirect contact protection against equipment insulation damage and fire hazards caused by ground fault currents but also can be used to distribute power and protect lines and electrical equipment from overloads, Undervoltage, short circuits, single-phase grounding, and other faults.




In summary, automatic reclosers are critical to ensuring reliable power to telecom towers. They minimize outage duration, reduce the likelihood of permanent failures and increase the efficiency of backup power systems, ultimately improving network reliability and providing a better experience for end users. By improving power reliability, auto reclosers indirectly enhance connectivity and coverage, which are critical to telecom tower operations. As the demand for telecommunications services continues to increase, auto reclosers are becoming an essential part of ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and communication for businesses and individuals around the world.

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