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Application of MT53Ri Dry Contact Remote Control Device in Philippine Hotels

2023/06/27 丨Technical

A dry contact remote control device is an electronic device that remotely manages electrical equipment or installations through a dry contact connection. Meanwhile, a recloser is a device that detects faults like short circuits or overloads and interrupts the flow of electricity to protect circuits from damage.


Dry contact remote control devices are commonly used in commercial and industrial setups, such as lighting systems, HVAC systems, and security systems. These devices are also applicable in residential settings to manage home automation systems, like smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart locks. Some dry contact remote control devices come with a built-in timer or scheduling feature, allowing users to operate their devices automatically following a set schedule.


The automatic recloser with a dry contact remote control device is an electrical tool that restores power to a circuit after a temporary failure or power outage. It is commonly used in power distribution systems to improve the reliability and safety of power distribution systems, reducing the number of power outages. The automatic recloser quickly detects and isolates faults, while the remote control feature allows operators to quickly reset the recloser and restore power to the circuit.


Matismar's MT53 automatic recloser is a compact 18mm automatic recloser equipped with timing and recloser programs fixed in the machine. It is designed to restart automatically after an abnormal trip of the associated protective device. There are different types available, including dry contact, RS485, DC24V, 48V, and 60V types. Additionally, the MT53 automatic recloser series can be used in combination with the MCB, RCCB, and RCBO of Chint, Liangxin, Schneider, and other products. You can watch the entire video on our Facebook page or see the application's video of the auto recloser on our Youtube page.



Overall, dry-contact remote controls offer an efficient and convenient way to manage electrical equipment. Automatic reclosers with dry contact remote controls provide a reliable and efficient method of managing power distribution systems while ensuring uninterrupted power to customers.

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