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Why Need to Install Smart Circuit Breakers at Home

2023/03/01 丨Technical

Smart circuit breakers for the home are devices that can remotely monitor and control your house's electrical system. They can be integrated with solar panels, batteries, and smart devices to optimize your energy use and provide safety features. This helps protect the wiring and other components connected to the circuit from damage caused by overload.


1. Benefits of Smart Circuit Breakers in the Home


Smart circuit breakers offer many benefits for the home, such as energy efficiency, safety, reliability, and remote control. They can help you save energy and money by allowing you to remotely monitor and control power consumption. They can protect your appliances and equipment from power currents and interruptions by automatically shutting off power when needed.



2. Function of the Home Circuit Breaker



The smart circuit breaker has features and functions such as remote control, data analytics, load management, and protection. They can connect to your smart home devices and apps for easy access and control. This protection occurs when the electrical wires in your house (or a specific area of your house) are overloaded with current, causing them to heat up.



3. Choose the Suitable Circuit Breaker Capacity



To choose a smart circuit breaker for your home, you may want to consider the voltage capacity of the circuit breaker. The smart circuit breaker's compatibility with your existing load center and wiring. Besides, circuit breakers come in a variety of sizes and are specially designed for residential use. This ensures that you have the right size breaker for the job and that it is rated for the home’s electrical system.



4. Get the Smart Circuit Breakers



Matismart MT53RW smart WiFi circuit breaker combines online remote control and smart home devices to ensure real-time monitoring of data. It can be used with the Tuya App, a smart living device that makes your home life more convenient. The MT53RW smart WiFi circuit breaker can also be compatible with most circuit breakers on the market, such as the Schneider iC65, Chint NB1, Liangxin NDB2, etc. Besides, the MTS3 smart meter breaker is also an intelligent power security monitoring and power management system, including hardware and software, which integrates the latest and most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, and cloud computing. The system issues advance alerts before reporting faults. These two smart circuit breakers will be suitable smart meters for you to install in your home electricity system.





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